ML6.2W (Pair)

16,5 cm (6.5“) Midbass Woofer

Power Rating RMS 100 Watts

Power Rating max. 200 Watts

Impedance 4 Ohms

Frequency Range 50 – 5000 Hz

Aluminum Cone

Mounting Depth 65 mm

Mounting Diameter Ø 143 mm

Outer Diameter Ø 166 mm

ML3M (Pair)

7,5 cm (3“) Midrange Speaker

Power Rating RMS 60 Watts

Power Rating max. 120 Watts

Impedance 4 Ohms

Frequency Range 200 – 10000 Hz

Paper Cone

Mounting Depth 39 mm

Mounting Opening Ø 72 mm

Outer Diameter Ø 89 mm

ML6.2T (Pair)

25 mm (1“) Tweeter

Power Rating RMS 100 Watts

Power Rating max. 200 Watts

Impedance 4 Ohms

Frequency Range 3200 – 30000 Hz

Silk Diaphragm Dome

Mounting Depth 13 mm

Mounting Opening Ø 49 mm

Outer Diameter Ø 58 mm

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With the brand new ML series, Musway presents the inexpensive “offshoots” of the MG loudspeakers. These are no less interesting, especially since many of the optimizing technologies from the expensive series were adopted in the design. First and foremost, the loudspeakers differ in the use of inexpensive steel baskets and optically less elaborate magnets. If you really good sound performance without the expensive optical finesse, which are invisible when installed, you will get your money’s worth with the ML systems.

This system offers a 16.5 cm midbass with a robust steel basket in the low-midrange. The 25 mm long-stroke voice coil is perfectly cooled by the rear ventilation and the pole core drilling and is also well suited for high levels. The powerful 13 ounce magnetic driver, which is protected by a rubber boot, also contributes to this. The 16.5 cm midrange driver with the ultra-light and black anodized aluminium membrane is optimally equipped in terms of sound. Thanks to this high-quality and particularly light material, the cone is practically deformation-free and achieves a very high level of efficiency.

The pulse-fast 7.5 cm midrange driver ML3M has a long-fiber, specially coated paper cone which, together with the powerful drive, delivers an excellent frequency response of 200 Hz up to 16 KHz.

The perfect addition in the high frequency range is the 25 mm ML6.2T neodymium tweeter with a silk dome, which plays very linearly up to 25 kHz.


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