1 x 250 Watts RMS @ 4 Ohms

1 x 400 Watts RMS @ 2 Ohms

1 x 650 Watts RMS @ 1 Ohm

Subsonic Filter 10 – 40 Hz

Lowpass Filter 40 – 150 Hz

Bass Boost 0 – 18 dB

Phase Shift 0 – 180°

RCA Inputs, RCA Outputs

High Level Inputs with EPS

Auto Turn On Function

Filter Bypass Function (Pure Amplification)

Quick Connect Speaker Output

Bass Remote Controller

Dimensions: 150 x 45 x 240 mm

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The new amplifiers of the MX series are ideally suited not only to enter into optically ingenious combinations with the Musway DSP amps M4+, M6 or D8. Of course, they are also perfect for forming a high-end team with the TUNE12, DSP68PRO or DSP68 stand-alone processor. With the MX models it is therefore possible to create powerful 7, 8 or even 12-channel combinations. The elegantly designed amps convey their qualities as soon as they are touched: No rattling sheet metal, heat sinks and end panels made of brushed aluminum and a flush Musway logo on top. The amplifiers have everything on board that a modern sound system needs: EPS, auto turn-on, high and low level inputs and much more. With the integrated PURE IN> OUT function, the internal crossovers can be bypassed and the amp can only be used for pure amplification, which is particularly ideal in conjunction with DSPs.

  • Start-Stop ready, Auto Turn-On
  • EPS (Error Protection System)
  • Interference Free Technology, EMC proved
  • PURE IN>OUT Function
  • High and Low Level Inputs
  • Brushed aluminum heat sink and end panels
  • Compact Bass Level Remote Controller
  • QUICK CONNECT Terminal to connect all  MUSWAY 2 + 2 Ohms Subwoofer-Systems


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